Stephanie Barczewski: How the Country House Became English

Stephanie Barczewski: How the Country House Became English
31 oktober, 2023 Hedengrens

The story of how the country house, historically a site of violent disruption, came to symbolize English stability during the eighteenth century.
Country houses are quintessentially English, not only architecturally but also in that they embody national values of continuity and insularity. The English country house, however, has more often been the site of violent disruption than continuous peace. So how is it that the country how came to represent an uncomplicated, nostalgic vision of English history? This book explores the evolution of the country house, beginning with the Reformation and Civil War, and shows how the political events of the eighteenth century, which culminated in the reaction against the French Revolution, led to country houses being recast as symbols of England’s political stability.


Stephanie Barczewski is professor of modern British history and the Carol K. Brown Scholar in the Humanities at Clemson University. Her books include Country Houses and the British Empire, 1700–1930.

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Källa: The University of Chicago Press