Tio i topp. History & Politics

Tio i topp. History & Politics
19 april, 2017 Hedengrens

De här titlarna har sålt bäst på avdelningen History/Politics i april, så här långt.

  1. Timothy Snyder: On Tyranny. Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century
  2. Anne Sebba: Les Parisiennes. How the Women of Paris Lived, Loved and Died under Nazi Occupation
  3. Ben Wilson: Britain and the Birth of the Modern World
  4. George Monbiot: How Did We Get into this Mess? Politics, Equality, Nature
  5. Tom Fletcher: The Naked Diplomat. Understanding Power and Politics in the Digital Age
  6. Philippe Sands: East West Street
  7. Mark S. Weiner: The Rule of the Clan
  8. Ian Johnson: The Souls of China. The Return of Religion after Mao
  9. Jean-Yves Camus, Nicolas Lebourg: Far-Right Politics in Europe
  10. Dan Smith: The State of the Middle East. Atlas