One hundred Poets, One Poem Each. A Treasury of Japanese Verse

One hundred Poets, One Poem Each. A Treasury of Japanese Verse
11 december, 2020 Hedengrens

”A prize-winning translation of the most widely known and popular collection of Japanese poetry
Hyakunin Isshu is the most famous and popular collection of Japanese poetry, and the first work of Japanese literature ever to be translated into English. Compiled in the fourteenth century, the book is a collection of one hundred waka poems (a precursor of haiku), dating back to the seventh century. It’s had a huge influence on Japanese culture ever since it was first published and is considered one of the three most important works of Japanese classical literature along with The Tale of Genji and Tales of Ise.
“For more than seven centuries, these poems have resonated with countless
readers … Peter
MacMillan’s excellent new translation of these poems makes clear why they have mattered
so much for so long … [revealing] the vivid emotions that have kept the heart
of the
collection beating all this time.” —TIME
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Bokomslagsbild: Yasushi Yokoiyama: Fujitsu Ni Homen (In a Little While Things Will Get Much Better). A portrait of the editor of the collection, Fujiwara no Teika. From the translator´s collection